Authorization process

What it is called authorization of payment and account:

Our website is a trustworthy and secure place, where you can be always sure in your own security and personal data protection. It is provided to all our customers with no exception, at This authorization process is a common deal if speaking about different companies. In a few words, it just helps us to see whether your ID and credit card contain the same information we get from the payment processor. Thanks to this, we can be sure that any kind of fault, theft or crime will not occur.

Is it a must to certify the payment and authorize my account?

This confirmation is available for all the users. It enables us to keep in full privacy your personal data. Be dead sure that customers` information is never used for some other gaining purposes. Moreover, it is removed from the base right after authorization.

Which documents are required to confirm the payment?

It can be just a photo of a credit card you have used to do the payment and the scan of the identification document of yours. You can also use a passport, library card, driving license or some other documents, which contain your photo and personal information.

What information on the credit card picture is needed?

We just need your last four digits of the card number, card`s type, your name and the name of the bank. We never ask our customers for deep details such as full card number, CVV code and expiration date.

What information should be available from the ID?

Just your full name. It will be absolutely enough.

What will you do with my personal data?

Don`t worry. It will only be used to match your data with the information concerning money transferring.

How will you be sure in accuracy of my data?

Special department at our service are responsible for that and they are aware of all transactions as well. In addition, all payment systems provide us with the information about the cardholders, card`s type, digits, the bank etc.

The process of validating the documents: what is it?

Our Special Department is responsible for all submitted sorts of information. Managers there analyze and compare the information concerning payment with the provided data. If everything is alright, it means the payment process was authorized by the customer. There are some cases when authorizations cannot be carried out.

Can I use an authorized credit card of another person?

Yes, it is possible at our company. But that person should be aware about it and have nothing against such deal. Just provide us with the required information mentioned above and write a cardholder`s number. We will just call him/her to find out whether he/she approves the card`s using.

Why should I send documents via the Internet?

The main thing here is a customer`s safety. This information is available for us and we match it everything. In case the authorization fails, the credit card will be blocked and the money will be surely saved.

Can I be sure in your honesty?

Yes, without doubt. We always keep customers` private data in a secret and never use and publish it. We guarantee you full security. Any third party will have access to your private information.

Is authorization that vital?

It is not actually a secret that there are many risks of online money transactions. We make our best to stop it and keep our customers from it. It is not a difficulty to report about the stolen card. You will surely have your money back and the thieves will be found quickly as well.

What should I do to authorize my payment?

There are some ways to provide us with the required documents. They are as follows: via the email or by uploading needed files. It is not difficult at all. In case you have some problems with it, you are always welcome to our Customer Support Service.