10 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Education

Some people are born with a love for travels and spending their lives looking for new experiences. Others plan their vacations once a year or even once in a few years. Don't hesitate to start your journey whenever you have a chance to do it.

Your journey does not necessarily have to be long. Having spent one day out of the usual atmosphere, exploring the new city, will help you discover new opportunities, hidden skills, and experience unforgettable emotions.

If you are far from everyday stress, your body and mind rest. In addition, you get a new experience and learn to keep your thoughts away from everyday problems. This is the best opportunity to keep your body and soul safe and sound.

Travelling allows you to fill your gaps in education by learning something real and interesting. It helps you to find yourself and your inner peace. The lessons you can get from traveling are unmatched.

I had the opportunity to travel the world, and discover 10 reasons why travels are best education guides.

You know what your needs and wants are

Traveling from country to country gives you the opportunity to see the world beyond your zone comfort. If you didn’t figure out what you need in life watching what other people do, what their interests and desires are can help you.

You expand your communication circle

By traveling around the world you can meet and talk to different people, to see different sides of their life and hear interesting and exciting stories from representatives of various cultures. You’ll be surprised how kind and open-hearted can be strangers.

There are no major or minor requirements

You don't have a curriculum, there are no classes to attend and no written rules. Be free to come up with your own schedule and decide what things you'd like to discover.

You learn how to use time management

Planning trips requires arranging your transport issues. Planes, cars, trains… tickets they all will teach you time management.

Things to know about balancing your budget

Keeping your finances in check is an important thing when you travel a lot. While travel you should provide yourself with daily/weekly or monthly budget and if you manage to stick to it, it will be a great lesson for future.

You become a wizard of packing things

You’ll know what outfits you have to pack before you pack your bag for departure. The rocky one usually takes big bags full of clothes, when you travel a lot you learn to prioritize what you really should take for a trip.

It’s OK to feel uncomfortably

Traveling can also have different sides, you can meet some challenges, a good thing is it teaches you to adjust to various situations and get along better with different people.

Learning new language opens new page in your life book

We know that English is a global language, however in some small towns or villages people may not be able to understand you. Make sure you've remembered general phrases or bought a pocket dictionary to learn some of the local language

Spent some time unplugged – incredible experience

Leave your smart-phone, Macbook or whatever device you use and enjoy every minute you spend traveling.(I'm not talking about the camera, this one must be on your list).

The whole world is your classroom…

Every piece of information we get in school can be expanded by experiencing all the pages you've read in reality. Go to a famous lake you've been studied at the geography classes, visit Coliseum to feel the great Roman atmosphere. I bet it will be hard to forget things that take your breath away.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

I bet you don’t want to be one of those who “read only one page”. Travelling is a great way to experiment new things. You can try to walk on the rope over the abyss, take a rafting or just relax on the beach if you have never done it. You will have the opportunity to try something for the first time.

Remember the best investment is investing in your own memories and impressions that will definitely improve your education. I'm dead certain that in a year you will not remember when and how you bought these boots or this iron. But you will remember for many years when you woke up on the coast of Cyprus when you walked along the streets in

Paris, watching The Eiffel Tower. All this gives you much more than any purchase of appliances or clothing can do.

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