10 Things to Consider When Writing Essay on International Relations

Not all colleges teach students how to write different types of essays. Yet, such kind of paper is a very common assignment in college. If you’re a student whose subject is International Relations and you don’t know how to cope with the task, check out our quick and simple guide on how to write a great essay on International Relations.

  1. Make sure you fully understand the real essence of the topic. No matter how hard you will work on your essay, if you didn’t get the prompt right at the very beginning, the outcome might be very upsetting. Talk to your tutor as many times as you need so that you know exactly what’s asked of you.
  2. International Relations subject requires references to historical, political and social aspects so remember that you will need to address them later. Keep notes of the sources so that you could save your time at the final stage of writing.
  3. Like with the majority of writings, the structure is important. Yet, the ways of how to outline the text vary greatly so make sure that you write according to the instructions of your tutor.
  4. Start the research writing process as early as possible. Even if the deadline seems far away, don’t be tempted to put off the task. Don’t forget that International Relations is a complex subject and whatever topic you’ll be assigned, it will require a lot of time for thorough research.
  5. Try to fully understand the main idea instead of just a mere attempt to choose a quote.
  6. Check out several theories related to the main argument. Consider them all, regardless if they support the idea or contradict it.
  7. International Relations essay is all about analysis so try to avoid describing things but rather present facts and correlate them in the form of providing arguments and sub-arguments one by one or according to the structure instructions of your tutor.
  8. In your conclusion, summarize how you engaged with all arguments and demonstrate to the reader that your point is still stronger by supporting it with validating facts listed above.
  9. If you managed to finish your first draft before the deadline, congratulations. Leave your paper for some time and get back to it later so that you could reread the text with a fresh mind and find discrepancies, which were not obvious to you earlier.
  10. Make necessary changes and if you’re unsure whether you managed to convey the main message, ask a person who you trust to look through the text. Don’t get upset if you hear critical commentaries. Use them to your advantage and adjust text accordingly in order to end up with a great essay.

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