10 Tips How to Make Dissertation Writing Easier

As you work toward your degree, you will have to create an excellent dissertation. The paper will require an incredible amount of research, writing, and editing skills. Thankfully, there are resources you can use to make the act of dissertation writing a whole lot easier. Many of available resources are accessible on the Internet. Let’s examine the resources available to you, as you write your dissertation.

  1. Noodletools

Everyone knows that you have to add citations to a dissertation. Most students also know that doing citations can be extremely daunting, especially if you are doing it manually. You not only have to ensure that you set up the citations correctly, but they have to be alphabetized too. Thankfully, you can use a citation generator to create your citations. Noodletools is one of the most impressive and easy to use citation generation tools on the Internet to date.

You can enter in the type of source you are citing, who the source is attributed to, and the web link or publication information you need to create a complete citation. Noodletools stores you citations, alphabetizes your listings, and will create citations for a range of academic formats. Available formats you can use in citation creation include MLA, APA, Turbian, Harvard, and Chicago Manual of Style. What’s more, you can use Noodletools to export the citations into a Microsoft Word document. You get access to all of the latter features for a mere $12.00 a year.

Copyscaping your dissertation will ensure you didn’t unintentionally miss using quotation marks in the body of the document. It will also ensure you do not have any plagiarized material within the text. A quick scan takes mere seconds and it will ensure a high-quality plagiarism-free paper. Copyscape costs as little as $10.00 to use.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free and fee based service online. The program works as a plug in with Google Chrome. You can paste portions of your text and have Grammarly check it for common errors, misspellings, and sentence structure issues.

  1. ProWriting Aid

ProWritingAid is another excellent tool you can use to check the quality of your dissertation writing. You can paste portions of your text into the application. In turn, the program reveals issues related to overuse of words, cliché use, sticky sentences, excessively long sentences, spelling problems, and issues with dialect. With ProWritingAid, you even get recommendations on how to fix some of the issues that crop up. dissertation writing

  1. FreeMind

Are you feeling the need to brainstorm about a dissertation topic or what material you will put in the paper?  You can download and use the free program FreeMind to help you come up with fresh ideas.  FreeMind is a mind mapping application that allows you to create a central idea and connect the ideas you come up with it with ease.  The application allows for note taking as well.

  1. Trello

Organizational planning is key to an outstanding dissertation.  To that end, you can use Trello online to get more organized.  The app allows you to create boards where you can map out ideas, plan you project, and the boards are moveable so you can rearrange your planning easily.  If you upgrade to Trello Gold, you can customize the boards as well.

  1. To Do List

If you prefer a simple method of organization, a to-do list with some boxes to check off what you have completed might be ideal.  As you work through your dissertation, you can note where you are at all times.  Google Gmail comes with a convenient to use to do list.  Alternatively, find a to do list template online and print it out for use.

  1. Collaborative Editing.

Have others read your finished dissertation and allow them to point out small editing issues you might have missed.  You can upload your dissertation to a program like Dropbox and allow people access via a link. Google Documents also allows for sharing.

  1. Thesauruses

Searching for just the right words to express your ideas?  You can make use of an online Thesaurus so you can find the words you need to express yourself.

  1. Digital Library

Gone are the days where you have to sit into the darkened corners of a library to get the research you need.  You can use digital libraries like Questia to access thousands of books for research purposes right online while you research from home.

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