10 Top US Universities

High school seniors everywhere start seriously considering colleges and where they should apply early on during the senior year. Some students begin the search for a suitable college as early as their junior year.  There are hundreds of schools in the United States, but only the best make it onto the list of the top ten universities as designated by US News.  Here we will examine the top ten colleges students apply to and what they have to offer.

1. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

US News considers Princeton the best of the best. In 2015, the school had an actual enrollment of just over 5,300 students, and one of the most reasonable tuitions for an Ivy League school with an annual cost of just under $49,000 a year. The campus is nestled in a suburban setting, and it is a private school. What’s nice about this university is its “no student loan” program, giving the students in need of financial aid grants to pay for yearly tuition.

2. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard University ranks second out of the top 10 universities in the US. The tuition at Harvard is just under $44,000 a year, and the student body is nearly 1500 students larger when it compared to Princeton’s student population. While Princeton is suburban, Harvard is in an urban environment. Harvard is also a private school, situated near the city of Boston. Harvard is the oldest college in the nation.

3. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Yale, with a similar student population when compared to Princeton, but a tuition that is slightly higher than Harvard’s at just under $46,000 a year, ranks in as the third best school a student can attend. Yale is in a city setting, and there are a total of 12 residential colleges that students go to that are part of Yale.

4. Columbia University, New York, New York

If looking to attend school in the state of New York, one of the best destinations to do so is at Columbia University. The school offers general studies, applied studies degree programs, and there is also The Fu Foundation School of Engineering. What’s really nice about this college is that students get guaranteed housing for the four years they are in attendance. The student body is just over 7,000 students. The school is in a suburban environment and costs just under $44,757.00 for the entire year.

5. Stanford University, Stanford, California

Situated in an urban setting with a student body of just over 5,600 students Stanford University has much to offer its students. The yearly tuition is just over $48,200. The school is situated nearly 30 miles from the city of San Francisco. This school offers a multidisciplinary approach to research, learning, and teaching.

6. University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

The tuition fees at the University of Chicago parallel the tuition at other prestigious schools. This college costs just over $45,000 a year to attend. The college is in an urban environment and has a student population of just over 4,500 people. For 28 years now, the college stages the “University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt.” The latter event is popular and lasts for a period of four days, thereby being one of the biggest scavenger hunts in the entire world.

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge actually carries the same name the Harvard University had before it was named after one of the college’s benefactors: John Harvard. Today, Cambridge is home to one of the top ten US universities: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school is famed for its educational, engineering, science, and mathematics programs. The college is private and features tuition of $47,488 a year. The enrollment numbers are just over 6,000 students in all.

8. Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

This college is home to a number of famous alumni.  Charlie Rose, Richard Nixon, the actor Ken Jeong, and many members of the United States Congress were once attendees at Duke University. The urban school has an enrollment of over 9,700 students. The school’s yearly tuition is around $46,670 a year. The university has a terrific basketball team and the Duke Blue Devils sports team as well.

9. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was originally founded by Benjamin Franklin. There is a student body just over 9,700 students and tuition is just under $47,670.00. Famous students from this college include Gloria Allred, actress Elizabeth Banks, Warren Buffet, and Grammy Winner John Legend, among others. The degree programs available include Applied Sciences, Nursing, and the Arts and Sciences.

10. Caltech, Pasadena, California

Caltech has its own line of famous graduates, including astronauts Frank Borman, Harrison Schmitt, Gregory Chamitoff, Garrett Reisman, and Edward Gibson. Howard Hughes was also a graduate of Caltech. The school has tuitions fees that cost just over $43,300 annually. The enrollment is far more elite in this urban school with a student body under 1000 students.

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