5 Steps to your Successful Personal Statement

Among the documents that you apply for college admission, only essay depends entirely on you. This task, given by the admission committee, is where you can tell about yourself. The other documents reflect the factors that characterize you only as a student: your grades, test results, skills. To form the complete picture, admission committee members want to see the personality that differs you from other applicants. Ideally, you should show yourself as the formed identity able to express clearly thoughts and ideas.

Paperswrite would like to bring to your attention five easy tips that will definitely help you write an excellent personal statement.

Step 1

First of all, you should print out the list of topics and study them carefully. Your main task is to understand questions and answer them correctly. You can’t get off with general phrases here. You need to give an exhaustive answer for a question, without deviating from the topic. Let’s consider, for example, the following essay topic:

«Tell us about your achievements, which required some greater efforts from you. How did you overcome the obstacles?»
Here, you need to tell not only about what you have done but how you have managed to achieve this, as well. Focus just on one achievement.

Step 2

Consider the answer to each question. Before writing something, discuss your thoughts with your friends, colleagues and parents. Try to maintain the balance between facts and information analysis. Your personal statement shouldn’t be limited by the description of your experience. You should also tell about your hobbies, aspirations, thoughts and values. Moreover, show how experienced events, even the most trivial ones, have influenced you.

Step 3

Write a rough draft. Reread it the next day. If you believe that you’ve done everything possible, show your essay to someone whose opinion is important to you. Before the rewriting of your draft, think once again: have you described enough details how experienced events affected your outlook on life, and what important decisions you have made. Show an admission committee that you soberly estimate your prospects. No need to make a detailed plan, simply describe your goals and explain why you are able to achieve them.

Step 4

After your friend’s or adviser’s review is received, make the clean copy. It is better to visit a specialist and ask him/her to check, whether some punctuation and grammatical errors crept in somewhere. In this way, you’ll get the original essay, not marred by some embarrassing mistakes.

Step 5

Estimate the entire set of documents which you are going to apply. Have you gathered all the necessary information? Whether you reported the admission committee everything needed? Most universities offer to write essays at your choice, where you can narrate about everything you wish. If you are satisfied with the content, then take care of the form. Check whether you have fulfilled all formal requirements.

Finally, allow sufficient time for essay writing. Do not leave for the later; otherwise, you might not have time to submit the documents. You shouldn’t underestimate this kind of essay: your entry to the college of your dreams is directly depends on this.

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