The best and famous essay writers and top British schools: graduates rating

One of the best ways to choose an educational institution is to know about its graduates. Who has learnt and where? Nobel Prize winners, politicians, international business empires founders and even the actress – the James Bond girlfriend! I decided to do a small survey of the British the best-known schools and their graduates.


It is not surprising that 330 of the 8,000 people interviewed by Sutton Trust, studied at Eton, which, perhaps, is the most prestigious school in Britain and one of the most famous schools in the world. 19 British Prime Ministers spent their childhood and learn how to write essays in the walls of Eton, among them - David Cameron, Archibald Primrose, and Harold Macmillan. Princes Harry and William have also finished this school, as well as the members of royal families from different countries, philosopher Francis Bacon, artist Robert Darwin, poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and writer George Orwell. One of the most famous mayors of the world, Boris Johnson, also studied there.


Best School in London, Westminster, also has an impressive list of distinguished alumni, including Nobel Prize winner and "Oscars", as well as seven Prime Ministers of the UK. Some of the modern politics can be noted the Deputy Prime Ministers of Great Britain and Poland - Nick Clegg and Jan Vincent Rostowski. Sir Christopher Wren, one of the most famous British Architects, the creator of the legendary St Paul's Cathedral and scientific community - the Royal Society has also mastered the basics of academic writing at this school.


Harrow is the school for boys and it perhaps has one of the most impressive list of graduates. Among them are the people who do not need to be submitted - Winston Churchill, Lord Byron and Jawaharlal Nehru. The statesmen from different countries also learned in Harrow, such as: King Hussein of Jordan and the last king of Iraq - Faisal II Ben Ghazi.

Rugby School

One of the oldest private schools in England Rugby has the same with the name of popular sport game not by chance. According to the legend, William Webb Ellis, who is also known as the inventor of this sport game, created it during his schooling. Among the world-famous alumni and essay writers of this school are writer Lewis Carroll and the Prime Minister prior to Winston Churchill - Arthur Neville Chamberlain.


The prestigious school for girls has among its graduates: Indira Gandhi, the sister of the current Jordanian King Abdullah II Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, the philosopher and one of the best British writers of the XX century Iris Murdoch, journalist Marie Toynbee has been the Badminton School essay writers as well. In Badminton also studied famous actresses - Claire Bloom ("Limelight" with Charlie Chaplin).

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