Best libraries in Europe

If you still think that the library culture is dying, you will change your mind after visiting one of these ten awesome libraries. Each of these libraries can be a perfect tourist destination as except having large collections of valuable books, they can impress you with their architecture and astonishing artworks. So, don`t miss the chance and enjoy reading in such beautiful centers of true knowledge.

Library of Birmingham, England

You will be definitely astonished visiting the Library of Birmingham as it looks like a pile of colorful presents. It is considered to be one of the major cultural destinations in the city. Its visitors can take a look at some rare books, photography, and collections of important archives. You will find the Shakespeare Memorial room, where some first-edition Shakespeare copies are preserved. Beautiful terraces, outdoor amphitheater, spaces for children and teens make this place comfortable and family-friendly. The Library of Birmingham is a centre of skills development, literacy, and study.

The Escorial Library, Spain

The Escorial Library was founded by Philip II. Due to its precious objects of art and refined frescoes it looks like an art gallery. It houses a rare collection of more than 4,700 manuscripts. A lot of valuable books were destroyed during the time of Inquisition, but some relics, which were hidden in the library`s corridors remained intact.

Vennesla Library, Norway

If you are a true bookworm, the Vennesla Library is like a dream place for those who like reading. Here you can enjoy reading your favorite books or prepare for the essay in peace and comfort. Each reading nook is equipped with the special noise-absorbing materials. This library has an interesting design as its shelves are also the reading chairs. This place is a wonderful combination of the learning center and the community house.

Malmö City Library, Sweden

This place is world-known not only for its studying and entertainment facilities, but also for its beautiful architecture. The Malmö City Library consists of three buildings: the Old Building, the Calendar of Light, and the Cylinder. Each of these buildings has its own style. Almost 1 million people visit this library each year.

Sainte-Genevieve Library, France

Although, Sainte-Genevieve Library can seem to be old-fashioned, it is worth visiting as it inherited the collection of the Abbey of St. Genevieve. It consists of more than two million books.

Dokkl Library, Denmark

Dokkl Library is the largest one in Scandinavia.  Here you can enjoy reading on the comfortable chairs which are lined up at the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. At the edge of the building you can see the river which makes this library more pleasant and peaceful. It is interesting that while reading here, visitors always know when a child is born at the nearby hospital. The bell is rung every time it happens.

Stuttgart City Library, Germany

Stuttgart City Library is the cultural and intellectual center which attracts a lot of visitors due to its unusual building and the collection of reading materials. It has the shape of a reverse pyramid. The interior is minimalist and white. Here you can find the children`s library, Graphotheque, music library, café, and study rooms.

The Royal Library Copenhagen, Denmark

Visiting the Royal Library Copenhagen you will make sure that library is not a relic from the past. It is called the Black Diamond for its granite accents, ultra-mod appearance, and classic frescos. It contains many historical treasures that are inscribed on UNESCO`s Memory of the World Register.

Coimbra Library, University of Coimbra-Alta and Sofia, Portugal

Coimbra Library is one of the best libraries in the world. You will be astonished with its oils, carved wood bookcases, and painted ceiling. In addition to the amazing artworks, it has the collection of books which date back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Trinity College Old Library, Dublin

Here you can find a lot of wonderful books available for enjoyment. There are a lot of books worth seeing, but the Book of Kells is the most famous one. Don`t forget to see this 9th - century gospel manuscript while being in Dublin.

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