Some Don'ts in Writing Application Essay

While your grade point average play a significant role in admission resolution, application essays often carry even more tangible meaning. In fact, there is nothing like a personal essay that can give the admission committee an understanding of who you are. Many applicants regard application essays with a certain degree of fear, while this part of the application process should be considered as a chance to make a good impression. At the same time, it is hard to make your application essay stand out. However, if you avoid some of the clichés which can make your essay go downhill, there is a good chance for your essay to land on “accepted” pile.

The most common essay conclusion sentence is “I like to help people”.  In fact, this application essay idea is so worn out that it carries no meaning and does not sound impressive. Therefore, if you decide to tell admission officers about your experience in community service, make sure you sound fresh and apply a groundbreaking thinking.

“This is a family business.” Assuming that in the essay you would like to tell who inspired you to apply to college, avoid mentioning that this is your family path. As a matter of fact, it doesn't help in assuring the reader that you have a potential. You'd better discuss your personal talents and ambitions.

Writing too much and writing off the topic. Application essay is meant for revealing you as a personality, so you need to focus on your personal goals and achievements rather that rambling on current events or any other news. While some news might have made an impression on you and provoked you to mull over them, stick straight to the point in your essay. In addition, consider the length. Quite often, lengthy essays either do not have a connection to the individual or otherwise are aimed at bragging and boasting.

Writing about your role model. More often than not, students write about their parents, teachers, friends or celebrities as a role model without any clear-cut connection between themselves. This is, in fact, a huge mishap of admission application essay. Therefore, do not step in this stride if you don't feel confident that you can show the connection between you and your role model.

Don't write what you are expected to. Sometimes while reading an application essay, a reader feels that it is, so to say, contrived. To avoid such impression, write what you think, not what you believe admission officers would like to hear.

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