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Contraceptive Access Activity

In Passaic County of New Jersey, the five health centers that exist in Wayne can provide different forms of contraception. The health centers include Paterson health center, Montclair Center, Hackensack Health Center, East Orange Health Center, and Englewood Health Center. After visiting Paterson health center, I realized that the healthcare facility provides contraception of different forms. It exists in 680 Broadway 6 miles from Wayne (Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.).

The forms of contraception offered by Paterson health center include birth control patches, birth control pills, birth control shots, and birth control implants. Depo-Provera is the birth control shots that entail a hormonal injection. The content of the Depo-Provera is the hormone progestin. The role of the birth control shot is to prevent ovulation and enhance the mucus build up in the cervix to prevent transmission of sperm towards the uterus, where ovulation should occur.

Patients or clients access the contraception services upon visiting the healthcare facility. Paterson health center provides contraception over the counter. The clients cannot access the service online. In particular, the clients can only book an appointment online, but they must move to the health center to get an injection of the Depo-Provera (Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.). It is, therefore, evident that access to contraception services is only through an appointment or an online booking. Unless the client meets the healthcare provider, she may not get contraception.

The healthcare providers at Paterson health center provide all the services required in the birth control shot in the facility. As a result, there is no further prescription required after leaving the facility. The healthcare provider can inject such an injection into the body of the client, and there are no further services required after the injection or the contraceptive to work. The healthcare providers in the health center, therefore, do not give any further prescriptions after the injection because they should only conduct the injection.

The cost of Depo-Provera can be zero or very low, depending on whether an individual has an insurance cover. It can be expensive for the people that lack an insurance cover. In Paterson health center, an insured person can pay $5, but an uninsured individual can pay about $100. It is, therefore, evident that the cost of the birth control shots reflects on the entire cost of healthcare in America.


The current assignment exposed me to a wide range of learning opportunities in which I realized that contraception plays a crucial role not only in the lives of individuals but also in the economy of the various hospitals. I learned that the cost of contraception also varies based on the location, the type of healthcare facility, and whether a person has an insurance cover. These factors also affect access to contraception among different members of the community in varying locations.

Visiting one of the locations, Paterson health center, was like seeking real experience about the ability of different members of the society to access contraception. In particular, having accessed the health center and enquired about Depo-Provera, I learned that unless an individual visits the hospital in person, she might not get the necessary contraceptives. A person cannot order the contraceptive online because she must undergo an injection conducted by the healthcare provider at the health center.

Ostensibly, regarding access to the contraception services, the people of Wayne have access to the contraception services. The five health centers mentioned at the beginning of this paper are some of the many health centers in which the clients can access contraception services. In Paterson health center, access to contraception depends on whether an individual has the relevant insurance cover. The individuals that have the insurance covers can access contraception free of charge or at a lower cost, and uninsured individuals must pay more for the contraception services.

High school students may also need contraception to prevent early pregnancies. In particular, such students can access contraception in the five health centers mentioned in the current study. Apart from accessing the contraception service of their desire, the high school children also have a chance to choose based on the advice given to them by the healthcare providers. The healthcare providers can give the best advice based on the needs of the student and help to prevent early pregnancies.

Students can undergo some challenge before accessing contraception services. Some of the challenges include the cost of contraception services, which can be higher if the student lacks an insurance cover, and the ability to make the correct decision on the preferred contraception service. Deciding on the best contraception depends on the amount of information that an individual has concerning the different forms of contraception. The advice given by a healthcare provider is, however, crucial for the student to make the best choice. A healthcare provider must inform the student on the benefits, side effects, and the effectiveness of each form of contraception before administering any contraception on the student.

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