Higher Education Stereotypes

In many developed countries, especially European ones, people know that higher education is the basis of successful and luxury life. But we also know that there are lots of people who don’t have the same point of view. We’d like to share these stereotypes which we imagine thinking about higher education.

  • Studying at the university is not necessary to be successful. This stereotype comes from the '90es, when all people had to be sociable and persisting, and only in this way they got jobs. But today situation is normal and everyone has to be smart and educated.
  • Certificate of degree guarantees a successful career. It is also a famous stereotype which is not always truthful. By the way, sometimes it happens when person wants to study and learn about something concrete. Student learns attentively and wants to find a job according to his profession. Only in this case diploma can really guarantee success. But as we know, these situations are too rare.
  • Many celebrities don’t have a certificate of degree. Yes, this case is also a stereotype. Let’s see attentively. When some people have been visiting university, spending 5-6 years for the higher education programs, writing numerous essay tasks, some other people did everything for their contemporary success. Moreover these people always know what they want and they don’t sit at home and wait, they do their best for their future.
  • Student can study independently. Some people say that it would be better to study at home and to learn that material which is really needed. But as practice shows, these students don’t know any information. Some of them are too lazy; some can’t choose the right resources for the search of information. That’s why student have to get higher education with teachers and among other students. In this way they will exchange their opinions and study material with pleasure.
  • Pupil has to enter the university after completing his/her studies. But there are few points of view. Pupils want to have real life and don’t want to waste their time. Entering the university they start to study subjects which they don’t like at all. That’s why we can see too many students which start to search jobs which they like, but they aren’t specialists in these activities. Only few students can make a break to think what they want to do in life and only after it they start to think about higher education.

Now we have tried to show all stereotypes which we have today. Fortunately, now students are more responsible and know their aims and ways of achieving.

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