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Californians are extremely outdoors nation. Not only noisy parties and endless rock’n’roll debauchery run in their blood. The thirst for hiking, swimming, camping and jumping is calling them all the time. So, why wouldn’t they use the opportunities they homeland provide them with?

After carefully exploring the land, the next top five locations were picked as the obligatory resorts for all the active guys worldwide.

Location #1.Tar Creek Falls.

2-hour ride from Downtown Los Angeles is worth of it. Here, the most exciting cliff jumping spot in the entire state is situated. Besides, tourists can enjoy swimming in the transparent water of two rivers: Tar Creek itself and Sespe. Hiking two miles around  will lead you to the three amazing pools. The jumps range up to 25 feet over there. If you are brave enough, try its maximum height of 70 feet. The best season to take the best of this place is spring.

Location #2. Malibu Creek Rock Pools.

Right, this area is not only about having a lazy rest on the beach, sex party or “Baywatch”. Young people here also are crazy about cliff jumping. For this purpose, they attend a cute place exactly one hour from Los Angeles Downtown. This one has its fee, but most of the time you won’t think about it. In a mile, you’ll reach the swimming hole. Basically, there are just two jump spots 20 and 70 feet depth respectively. However, these two are enough to have wonderful spring rest.

Location #3. Aztec Falls.

Are you keen on the ancient history and Indian tribes? You can satisfy your archaeological and sports needs by paying Pacific Crest Trail a warm visit. At the end of Hook Creek, you will need to go hiking for roughly two miles to achieve a trail spur heading down the falls top. Up to 60 feet depth fall for cliff jumping. This time midsummer is the best time to choose.

Location #4. Hermit Falls.

It’s the closest point to LA. Arcadia requires just a 5 dollar fee to stay in the National Forest of the state. So, except for cliff jumping, you can go camping, hiking, swimming, observing different species of plants and animals. You can bring your kids too. Down to the creek bed, you’ll find some signs that will help you on your way to the falls. There are two basic swimming holes around. So, if one is overloaded with the visitors, get to the bottom of the falls by descending via rope along the right side. If you don’t support the idea of 30 feet height, try the lower pool’s 40. It can get pretty cold from time to time, so the recommended attendance time is midsummer.

Location #5. Matilija Falls.

Park in the dirt parking area immediately after hour and a half drive from Downtown LA. Your trip will take the longest part: about 5 miles hiking in the area. However, you can twiddle your thumbs by beginning to jump on the way up to the final destination. The best spot is still the highest pool. All you have to do after 5 mile journey is to traverse the rope along the right side. The water depth here varies due to the regular raining seasons. The overall natural height is 50 feet. Early fall and late spring are the best periods to pay it a visit thanks to the sun exposure.

Being a citizen of LA, you might be tired of those locations. Look for the ultimate sensation by exploring Hawaii’s cliff jumping destinations: http://www.gapyear.com/articles/232859/cliff-jumping-and-hiking-in-hawaii

Warning! Be aware of the actual depth, rocks, living species and trees before making the jump. Think about your safety first of all!

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