Powerful Productivity Boosters at Work

Work takes up almost all our time, exhausting us physically and mentally. But when a new day starts somehow we’ve got life energy restored and a full reservoir of creativity to keep on moving and doing our work still better. It lasts till our productivity resources run dry, and we are no longer able to work with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Sooner or later everybody faces this crisis. But what if it occurs at a workplace where we are supposed to be always active and generate brilliant ideas? Here are actions you can take to boost productivity at work.

Have a stroll

Have you ever experienced a feeling when walls seem to be pressing, and you gasp for breath? People who spend hours in a closed space are often exposed to such a condition. They get inattentive and can’t concentrate on their work. These are symptoms of a mental fatigue that you can fight by having a short stroll. Scientists suggest that a 20-minute walk in the open air improves memory and sharpens focus. Even if there is no park or spot of nature close to the office, a short walk along the quiet street will be a powerful productivity booster.

Switch between activities

In most cases, the best way to be productive is to keep on moving. Just like our muscles relax when not trained, our brain and all mental processes slow down when are always at work. The best way to recharge our brain power is to switch between activities, changing mental work with physical exercises. It’s advisable that an office worker should take active brakes once in an hour. This is an effective way to prevent health disorders and enhance productivity.

Read or look at something you like

If you are dreaming of some free time just to browse the web, look at nice pictures or simply scroll through the news feed on Facebook, now you can do it. No, I mean it! What seemed to be a waste of time or distractions, are now proved to be productivity boosters. 10 minutes of doing the work you like is enough to get strength for further mental labor.

Stick to a working regime

Working all 8 hours non-stop is a real torment for any person. Even if you are up to your ears in work, you need to relax or else your powers will drain. After long debates, scientists have finally worked out a magic formula according to which the highest pitch of productivity can be reached if work process is divided into 90-minute intervals. It means you should work for 90 minutes and then have a break. Surprisingly enough, but those who work more than half an hour non-stop tend to feel exhausted earlier that those who make regular breaks after 90-minute work.

Yes, we are all bound to spend hours sitting, standing or running at work. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way to make our activity healthier and more productive. With these productivity boosters, any office worker can change his life and reach the summit of professionalism.

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