Programming as the Mainstream

Currently, we can observe an active development of information technologies. Information technologies play an increasingly important role in human society. They penetrated into all fields of activity. Increasing the power of computer technology requires the development of new software capable of performing a variety of tasks to process information.

New generation of operating systems requires the development of new software. Programming helps to create new opportunities for work, home, computing solution, accounting, graphics and other tasks.

For the development of programs various programming languages are used. A good programmer operates a few of them at the same time.

Cobol is the most simple high-level language designed for solving various problems. Web programmers are developing sites, which requires knowledge of such languages as html, Java, JavaScript, VBScript and other ones which are designed for the Internet.

Steps for programming

1.First of all find out why you want to program.

2.You need to decide what problem you want to solve.

3.Then you should search for how and by what means the aimed task is performed.

4.Start learning programming.


To my mind, to create web pages it’s better to choose JavaScript. It has a lot of advantages:

1.It can change the page, write on it the text, add and delete tags, change the style elements.

2.React to events: a script can wait until something happens (mouse click, the page loading) and respond to this by performing the function.

3.Run queries to the server and download data without reloading the page.

JavaScript is one of the most useful languages. JavaScript programming language (JS) makes web pages to respond to user actions, and converting static pages to dynamic ones. It is performed on the user side, without using the server.

Once you learn one language, learning the other one will be much easier.

Free websites for learning

To learn programming you can use various educational websites.

Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy, Open Culture Online Courses and other educational services offer hundreds of courses on programming to choose from. You also can find and download interesting books, essays on programming from the Web or just watch videos online. But you should always remember that without practice all your effort will be unsuccessful.

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