Research Paper as a Part of Scientific Life

Research paper is a complete work of an author, describing the results of the original research (primary research article) or dedicated to the consideration of previously published scientific papers related to the overall theme (scientific review).

If you feel that your ideas, observations or research results have “matured” and waiting for recognition, it’s time to share them. The scientific publications will help you to implement this in the most effective way.

Firstly, when choosing a direction for research, you must note that the research topic should be:

  1. Significant in practical and theoretical point of view;
  2. Possible for carrying out;
  3. Perspective for further continuation of the researches in this direction in the student scientific society;
  4. Equipped with corresponding primary material;
  5. Certainly interesting for researchers and stimulate the initiative.

Formulate plan and stages of major events for further work on the topic. You should prophesy for their realization:

  • substantiation of theme, selection of objects and definition of the purpose of the study;
  • selection and analysis of scientific literature on the chosen topic, development of a hypothesis;
  • making plan and structure of work, development of programs and methods of research;
  • creation of the card files, conduction of research paper experiments in laboratories, search expeditions, parties, etc.

The following structural elements can be allocated in the text:

  1. Introduction.It includes setting of scientific problem, its urgency, the relationship with the most important tasks what your country face with, importance for the development of a particular science field.
  2. Basic(recent) researches and publications, on which the author relies; Modern views on the issue; difficulties in the development of the issue, allocation of unresolved issues within the problem (0.5 – 2 typewritten pages with double-spaces);
  3. Formulation the article purpose.The main idea of this publication is expressed there, which is quite different from modern ideas about the problem, supplements or deepens the already known approaches. The attention is drawn to the introduction, to scientific circulation of new facts, conclusions, recommendations and regularities.
  4. The main part of the article.It reflects the main state and results of scientific research, personal ideas, opinions, obtained scientific facts, discovered patterns, relationships, trends and program of experiment.
  5. The conclusion.The conclusion content and recommendations. Their significance for the theory and practice and overall public importance.

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