Scholarships to Study Abroad: Students Share Their Experience

Whose recommendations can be better than those provided by people having experienced already the subject in question? We have summarized the recommendations from the students who have ever received scholarships to study abroad.

Ask for scholarship far in advance

Usually, the scholarship providers have fixed budgets to allocate for allowances. And the earlier you contact them, the better chance you have to be eligible. This recommendation is especially relevant in case there is only one scholarship in place, which is common for the institutions not specifically providing for scholarships – like universities, for example, which normally deliver only a few scholarships during the academic year, each pertaining to a certain discipline.

Manage your time

Sounds strange, on the face of it. Still, it is a tremendously useful recommendation, especially when you are applying for several scholarships at a time. Your time management skills will be applicable to filing your documents, as it`s not just a regular certificate submission but writing a smart cover letter and making a purpose-demonstrating essay. You will definitely need a scholarship deadline schedule, which you are expected to follow step by step – the same as was done by the students who finally won their scholarships.

Treat your application essay like a cherished baby

The scholarship application process includes essay writing. You are wrong to think it`s a pure formality: quite the opposite, the application board considers your essay to be the key to your personality. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to focus on the key words and questions of the essay topic required. Make a draft, then turn it into an excellent final version. Put a couple of days or even weeks on it, to be rewarded with acknowledgement and, thereby, a scholarship. Always have your essay proofread by someone else, better unfamiliar and having no relation to you and your area of activities. Thus, you will be informed from the outside of the gaps you missed while your own blurred proofreading.

Never give up

Perhaps, an ideal recommendation to finish with. Unfeasible as it may seem, never stop trying. Many students did experience failures before they finally reached their targets. As well, never let yourself surrender before the battle begins: quite a few never start as being scared by too demanding scholarship provisions. As opposed, you can find now many sought-for experts among those who didn`t fall for panic once.

Always on the agenda, scholarships never climb off the top of relevance. As such, they are well-described all over the web, where you can find a lot of various scholarship provider resources – from independent academic organizations to large-scale businesses. The students lucky to win their chances recommend you to keep tuned and try again and again resisting any failures.

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