Top 10 Schools for Aspiring Songwriters

Recently we have been overplayed by Taylor Swift. Now, we need a brand new songwriter to grace our Spotify playlists. There are plenty of colleges which offer you incredible songwriting and music industry programs. We’ve chosen top ten schools where you learn how to be a part of the music industry with successful and real-world opportunities.

University of Miami

The University Of Miami Frost School Of Music is a perfect place for songwriters. It offers multiple programs: the Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program (CAM), The Musicianship, Development, and Entrepreneurship program (MADE) and Artistry. CAM provides opportunities for students who pursue multiple areas of study. There is a unique opportunity for students to have an access to The Weeks recording studio.

Mcnally Smith College of Music

McNally Smith offers students to take classes in arranging and sound production, songwriting. They help students to learn how to work with signal chains, microphones, signal processing, multi-track recording and sampling and mixing. There is McNally Smith's career center which helps students to find their perfect occupation in the entertainment industry. You can also read their magazine Crosstalk to find more about alumni profiles and internships. The Dean of Academics John Krogh is the editor-in-chief so you can be sure that the information is reliable. The college provides a songwriting major in its Bachelor of Music in Composition degree.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan offers you classes of general music composition and specific jazz. There is a “write hear/right now” program created for songwriters to demonstrate their songs during the concert or participate in the Midwest Composers Symposium where the composers from four schools display their songs. EXCEL program (Entrepreneurship Training and Career Services) is provided by the university, it helps students with the transition into the music industry with internships in the University Musical Society and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

University of Colorado, Denver

Although their mascot can be a lynx, you can definitely become a songbird be entering the University of Colorado. UC Denver offers students a great spectrum of opportunities to get into the music industry. There is CU Denver's Singer/Songwriter Program which connects the individual songwriter's aims with a realistic picture of the music industry. Students have the access to five recording studios (including Performance Arts Center and the King Academic), they also can have masterclasses with famous songwriters, for example with Andy Guerrero and vocal quartet DeVotchka and Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic).

Belmont University

Are you looking for the direct link to the music industry? The Belmont University will be the perfect place to make your lyrics dreams come true. The university is located in the heart of Nashville, the city which became world's music capital. Students have the opportunity to visit CMA Music Festival and see the members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. They also can choose where to study either in Los Angeles or New York and apply for the internship with Sony Radio City Music Hall and other leading entertainment companies. offer different types of writing, and songwriting too.

Syracuse University

Syracuse offers students to study both the music industry and composition. The last one establishes the creating of music while the music industry has as its starting point the music production, business, and management, so you have the option to market your own songs.

New York University

New York is the city full of the opportunities. In the Steinhardt School of Music, you can feel the great atmosphere of music and follow the footstep of its famous graduates James Dooley and Wendy Luck. Students have a possibility to study songwriting along with a modern production technology. The university is located in the center of New York City which is the perfect place for live music. There is also a unique opportunity to study in Paris of Prague. Amazing! No wonder that there are so many masterpieces about New York- as it's an outstanding place for writing songs.

University of Southern California Thornton School of Music

Have you seen the movie ‘La La Land’? I bet the many of us yes! If you don’t, hurry up. The one thing this film shows for sure is that music scene in L.A. is burgeoning. The student can get the best internship in the center of the entertainment industry. As a student of The Thornton School of Music, you can visit the Songwriter’s Theatre, where students display their own works.


CalArts is a school with a very interesting name as there is a word ‘Art'. The options you can get in school are not less interesting. You can learn not only the mastery of songwriting but also a performing skillfulness. That means that after graduation you’ll be able to perform your own songs professionally. There is also an opportunity for you to be part of the Singer-Songwriter project, where you can easily share your songs with other talented musicians, and performs your works in public place. The experience will be huge for your music career.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College provides you with songwriting and lyrics writing classes. Among the Berklee graduates are John Mayer, Quincy, and Diana Krall. The college helps their students to be always motivated by giving the opportunity to be involved in the sponsored internships. Perform your dream and become the successful songwriter.

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