Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity in College

When you go to college, it can be both scary and exciting because besides hanging out and partying you should deal with different subjects, assignments, written papers and other student stuff. Sometimes it can be too hard to be productive and meet all the deadlines: you should focus on your studies, but you would rather go out, check your Facebook, watch a movie but not study.

You are not alone: this is natural you cannot be productive all the time. So if you are experiencing difficulties in concentration and need to boost your productivity and achieve success in studying, you can try following some of these steps.

Taking Breaks Does Help

This is too obvious, right? But not everybody knows that taking a break helps only if you leave your working place. If you just open your phone, YouTube, or start reading something without moving to another room you will bring distraction to it and you won’t be able to concentrate here anymore. Instead, try to get up, walk around, and have a drink of water: a bit of physical activity will cheer you up and add some energy to keep studying. Only after that, you can go back to your working place.

Tracking Time

Basic tips suggest you planning your time in advance to avoid hurrying up and to be able to take brakes and do other activities. But it is hard to plan time if you do not know how you usually spend it: tracking time is a great step towards managing your tasks. Divide your time between your assignments: each activity should take a certain period and take notes on how much time you spent on each one (a time tracking app will be pretty useful here). Every time you need some rest, write down the hours you spent and then take a break. Eventually, you will be predicting how long a task is going to take and manage your time accordingly.

Listening to Some Good Music

Different researches have proved that music plays a great role when studying. Some kinds of music can even help your brainwave activity if you are concerned about solving a problem or learning difficult material. Try out what kind of music suits you best and use it when studying: you will not only relax but become more productive and concentrated.

Get Your Body Work

If your head is full of thoughts, the best way to boost your productivity is some physical activities. Try to do it on a regular basis: exercise in the morning, drink a lot of water, eat healthy food and sleep well. Even if you do not have much time for it, just 30 minutes of jogging a day will do you good. Drinking water keeps you full of energy and very productive during the day and a healthy diet should be your best friend. At least eight hours of good sleep will make magic: rest is essential for your brain and body, so take care of yourself!

Your Perfect Place for Studying

Some people believe that an ideal and comfortable place for work or studying is the key to success. Choose the place where studying is the only thing you do and where you can focus on it. Get here minimum distraction; let it be just a desk with no accessories that can attract your attention. This will help you concentrate only on the work to do and boost your productivity.

And what do you do to make yourself study?

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