What Students Should Think About Before Getting a Pet

If you’re an avid animal lover who was surrounded by pets through childhood, you might have a natural desire to continue having a pet when you’re in college. Or you may be one of those whose mom didn’t allow having little or especially big creatures in the house so now you’re desperate to get a puppy or bunny when you start to live separately from parents. Yet, there are too many things to think about before getting a pet when you study in college. It’s not that easy and here are five things that you must take into consideration before you adopt an animal.

1. Do You Have Permission to Have a Pet in the Building?

First things first, you need to find out whether you’re allowed to have a pet in the building where you’re living at the moment. If you’re not allowed, you either change your location or ditch the wish to have a furry friend until the better times when you get your own living space where you can decide yourself to have or not to have. Sneaking a puppy into the dorm is not a very good idea. Same with the situation when you live in the rented apartment, i.e. if your landlord doesn’t allow having a pet and you still get it, it may turn out not so well and you might have to look where to live after he finds out.

2. What Type of Pet Should You Get?

It’s more than likely that you know the kind of animal, which you would like to have but if you’re not sure, don’t be tempted to grab any cute creature that looks at you with big adorable puppy eyes. You should resist your urge until you know for sure whether you can handle, for example, a big furry dog. Perhaps, someone low maintenance will suit you more since one shouldn’t forget that you’re in college and you won’t have much time for activities not related to studying.

3. Are You Ready to Take Care of the Pet?

By getting a pet, you have to understand that it’s a commitment and the wellbeing of the little or not so little creature will depend solely on you. Are you sure that you will have time to take care of the pet? You will need to study and possibly get a part-time job. Let’s not forget social commitments, which will also require your time investment. For example, will you turn down the party invitation because you know that a hungry puppy is awaiting you at home? You need to play with it, take it outside for a walk or for a vet appointment, give it a bath, and the list of duties may continue. You will need to plan your whole day taking into consideration the wellbeing of your pet.

4. Is There Enough Space for Both You and Your Pet?

Typically, when you’re in college, you don’t get the luxury of having a lot of space. Often, students get used to trying to fit everything they own in tiny dorm rooms or small rented apartments. Will the pet of your choice have enough space to move freely? Even cats might need a place to walk and run so if your living place is tight, consider having a pet, which doesn’t need to run around such as fish or turtle.

5. Will Your Roommates Be Fine With You Having a Pet?

If you’re lucky to live alone, that’s great because you’ll be able to take into consideration only your needs and needs of your pet. Yet, if you live with someone else, you definitely have to get the consent of other people and if they’re not okay with the fact that there is a spider pet in the room, be respectful and don’t get that spider. By th way, check out useful article How to choose the best college

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