Why Personal Statement Writing Is So Important?

The statement of purpose or personal statement is perhaps the most important element of documentation package for University admission. This introductory essay can be called differently: Statement of Purpose, Statement of Academic Interests, and Personal Statement. But the essence doesn’t change - this work helps the admissions committee to understand a person, if he/she is interesting and sincere and whether he/she will be a valuable and responsible student.

This document is also important not only because it shows your writing skills, but because it also demonstrates your personality and provides the greatest range for creativity. Finally, you won’t change school grades and education, your CV can be edited, and here we have a clean sheet of paper, where anything can be written in any sequence. So, students, respectively, write about anything, but obvious, naive and stupid. The good essay is a crucial factor in the second phase of the applicants’ selection.

Prestigious universities contests increased significantly over the last ten years. Nowadays, a well performed personal statement plays the most considerable role. And it enables students as well to stand out from the thousands of applicants. With the help of this essay, students expose their distinctive qualities and strengths that they will bring to the institution. It is also the tool of disclosure of significant aspects of student life and events that formed his/her personality and influenced aspirations.

Moreover, personal statement enables admission committee members to understand deeply academic and professional goals of a potential student, his/her needs and dignities. Admissions committee members usually read more than 5,000 articles per year, thus it is essential to pay special attention to writing this essay, as it allows standing out favorably among applicants.

The knowledge about the difference between a really spectacular essay and one that is set aside, which often leads to the rejection letter, is a student’s ability to capture reader’s attention, showing strength, vigor and commitment from the outset. Admission committee wants to have an idea of ​ a student's personality and to know more about his or her talents, achievements and goals.

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