How to Write a Comic Book

Recently reading comic books became an old habit that slowly disappears in the modern age of information and tones of readable content. However, comic writers still attract the audience with some new ideas and approaches.

Internet gave the comic writers freedom to publish their works online and reach more readers. Moreover, it gave you a great possibility to become a comic writer yourself. All you need to do is to learn the basics of comic script writing and organize your ideas.

  • The characters of your story.

Like any other narrative story, comic book writing needs a branch of characters to be prepared. It is necessary, since they will build the story line. The dialogues are the main part of the comic; therefore, the characters are to bring your story to life.

Surely, there is a great many of famous characters already, so you will have to use maximum of your imagination to illustrate your characters and make them stand out from the typical images that are already known from well-known comic books.

Well, if you wish to create a good script, the first thing you have to focus on is characters. Most of the comic books became popular because of the memorable characters, not the outstanding plot.

  • Prepare the plot.

After you have imagined your characters, you have to think about what you want to do with them. Here, like in any other story, should be some conflict to be solved. There should be a central one, to “hook” your audience and the sidelines.

You should be minimalistic in text because the central detail of a comic book surely are the drawings. One nice tip to writing a comic book without moving away from the plot is to know the future ending of the story. That would help you to write the dialogues and to imagine every scene in detail.

The story should be straightforward. You do not have to explain the plot in the sense of the text too much. The readers will pay attention to the visual part more than to the text. The dialogues in a comic book are up to supplement the scene, not to form it.

  • Location and time.

The location is a world around your characters. You should come up with a map of the location and therefore to form the direction of the story and the way characters move on these places.

The timeline is also necessary, because you will be able to illustrate different events accordingly. If you want to describe different storylines, you will have to describe various timelines.

So, now you know some basics of creating a comic book and everything is up to you. Dream, create and carry on!

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