Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy regulates the usage of this Website. If you accept this document, you are bind to enter into an agreement with our service. The Privacy Policy will regulate the relationship between Us and You in terms of Security and Confidentiality.

Once you open this website, you enter into an agreement with Us. If you disagree is any points, mentioned in this document, please leave this Website immediately.

General Provisions

Our primary aim is to provide you with unique text materials of the highest quality. That is why we expect you to give us accurate personal information.

This information can be received once you:

  • Fill in any forms and questionnaires;
  • Communicate with Customer Support representatives or writers;
  • Identify your personality.

In addition to that, we can get your personal information by means of:

  • Your activity on our Website;
  • Tracking your transactions;
  • Using cookies.

Still, we never ask you to submit information about:

  • Political views;
  • Philosophical and religious believes;
  • Your health and physical condition;
  • Criminal convictions.

Information, which Get as You Make an Order

As soon as you as ask for help, we will ask you to fill in an order form, and give us information about:

  • Your email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Specific information on your credit card or e-wallet;
  • A photo of your national ID.

We need this information to inform you about the order fulfillment, payment, and delivery of the text materials. We can also use your phone number and email address for marketing purposes.

As you are expected to make payment for the services, which we provide, we will ask you to send us a picture of your credit card, where we can read the last four digits and the picture of your national ID with your full name and place of residence for payment authorization purposes.


Please note that we use cookies at this Website, to make user experience more convenient and smoother.

Way of Communication

We take every complaint, which we receive, concerning the usage of your private information extremely seriously. If you consider the collection of the information to be unfair, illegal or inappropriate, you can always send us your suggestions about how to improve this procedure.

All customers have an opportunity to make a “subject access request” in order to find out whether we hold any personal information and of what kind. In such a case, we will provide you with:

  • The description of it;
  • Explanation why do we need to hold it;
  • Information about the third parties to whom we can disclose it;
  • A copy of the information, which we hold.

If you do not wat to receive any notifications, emails or SMS from our service, please let us know about that and we will stop sending them to you.

Final Provisions

All the information, which you provide us with, is protected with SSL-certificate, so we can guarantee its security and confidentiality.

We can use any means of communication to receive the information, which you should give to us. All types of communication are to be done in the English language.

In order to improve he legibility of The Private Policy document, we introduced certain headings throughout the text. Please note that those headings do not represent the whole gist of the document. Thus it is better to read it through. Any reports or notices, sent under this document, are considered to be read within 1 days after the sending day.

This document may be changed or modified at any time without any notifications of the customers.

The electronic form of The Privacy Policy document has the same legal form as if it were signed in ink.

The last update of the document: 20 March 2017.