Antony Cane

Antony Cane is an experienced writer with brilliant skills in academic writing. By the way, he is a Ph.D. in World History. So, he serves at our company as a good and handful author who deals with customers` assignments in History. It is not his first year of working here, so Antony has already completed many orders and led the customers to their academic success.

“I am really in love with the World History. No, it is not boring. I am curious to get to know something new each day. I have graduated from Oxford University. My university years were not just a waste of time. I realized what I really want to do in my life. I`ve been an editor, history related columnist for a local newspaper, participant, and organizer of various exhibitions. When I realized my abilities can help people in some way, I decided to get a position in the writing company. That`s the choice I will never regret. I believe that education is very important for all people and I am here to assist those who need it.”

When not at work, Antony likes spending time with his family. He is also a keen admirer of music. Attending different concerts brings him a lot of positive emotions.