Leona Devoe

Leona Devoe, a PhD in Public Law area, has graduated from The University of Edinburgh. She has been always interested in studying law, so Leona decided to combine her life occupation with it. While her university education, she was offered to be a columnist in the magazine. As Leona always takes the best from life, she couldn’t deny this offer. By that time, she found out that writing is another thing that makes her happy. By passing all examinations well, she got her desirable position at our company. Now, she serves as a good academic writer for students who cannot deal with assignments in Public Law. For years of work in our company, Leona has successfully completed many orders and hasn’t missed any deadline, thanks to her hard-working and super smart concentrated character.

“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system. Then, there will be no problems. If you have some problems, let me assist you.”

Besides the Law Science, Leona likes horse-riding and swimming a lot. Time spent with her children and husband always helps her to forget about rules and limitation and live the life to its fullest.