Rodney B. Fry

“Fernando Pessoa once said “Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life”. Yes, reading helps me a lot to get to another reality and feel the emotions that characters feel, but I also prefer not to ignore the world. I`m happy to live my life collaborating with different people. One of my hobbies besides reading is dancing. I attend salsa classes. I am absolutely satisfied. This is another thing that helps me to find myself in different world and get some positive emotions. Moreover, it helps me to stay fit. Since my childhood I have been always interested in literature. So, my choice wasn’t difficult and I entered the Yale University and became a PhD in English Literature.”

Rodney`s creativity is unlimited. Hundreds of read books have helped him to become a true master of a word. So, each piece of writing he creates for customers is amazing. By the way, the author is aware of all ins and outs concerning academic writing. It is important for him to structure and format all customers` orders properly. That`s his key to success and long-term productive cooperation with clients. Now, he is true and experienced professional, who is able to deal with any paper in English Literature.